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The majority of my working life has been spent in the theatre with companies including
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Television work includes Emmerdale, Coronation Street, and 'Allo, Allo!'. I have also worked on a number of radio drama and comedy productions with the BBC.

Since March 2009, I have enjoyed playing a huge variety of characters in numerous audio-drama stories for Big Finish Productions and Games Workshop, for whom I have performed in over 200 audio dramas*, details of which can be found in the postings below.

There are also details listed here of the more than 120 audio books* I've recorded since March 2013,
including the unabridged New Revised Standard Version of The Bible, for companies including, Hachette, RNIB, W.F. Howes, Little Brown Group, Penguin Random House, Games Workshop, Orion, Fantom Films & Ladbroke Audio.

(*figures at February 2018)

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Games Workshop

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JB narrated audio book: January 2018

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Axeman hath been released !

As the mayhem of May subsides into contemplative idleness and the company cold, inevitably shared by most of us in The Blind & The Intruder, finally succumbs to its equally inevitable demise - Mervyn's first audio adventure has been released from Big Finish and I'm listening to it now as I write...

Pretty much all the details of The Axeman Cometh have appeared in previous posts, so there's not much to add other than to express the hope that I haven't screwed it up too blatantly, that it will be well received and that there might be further stories to come - we shall see!

Online reviews & comments:

'Mervyn Stone ...played by the note-perfect John Banks'.
                                                                                                  Matt Hills: Reviews in Time and Space 

' audio-play, featuring a full-cast of characters played by two actors, John Banks and Nicola Bryant.  
~ I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t known in advance that it was only two actors, I probably wouldn’t have spotted it.'

'The Axeman Cometh is the best murder mystery that I have seen, read or heard for absolutely ages.'

'Not just Highly Recommended, this is a masterpiece of crime drama. Spread the word!'

                                                                                                     The Puzzle Doctor

'If you love a murder mystery mixed with comedy, this is the release for you.'

' hour of audio that must - PLEASE - be the start of a new series...'

                                                                                                      Rated 10/10 by jolyon: The Time Scales

This update from BF:

Out now is the latest of The Mervyn Stone Adventures - and after three murder mysteries in book form (which you can get now in our books special offer), he's finally appearing on audio in The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh.

Hear former Vixens from the Void script editor and sort-of detective Mervyn Stone come to life before your very ears! The exceptionally talented team of Big Finish veteran John Banks and former Doctor Who companion Nicola Bryant play Mervyn Stone and Vanity Mycroft - and a raft of other characters - in The Mervyn Stone Mysteries: The Axeman Cometh. There's even a rather special guest voice...

Another wittily written thriller from the pen of Nev Fountain, The Axeman Cometh sees Mervyn called to the Sounderama Studios to prevent a murder... but will he be in time?

And if you'd like more Mervyn Stone (or want some background before listening to his latest adventure), the seven Mervyn Stone podcasts have been retrieved and put back on the Big Finish website.

 Just click here and you'll find all the instalments.

If you'd like to know more about how Mervyn Stone came into being and how the character made the transition from literature to audio-drama, here's a link to Mass Movement Magazine Issue 35 which carries an extended interview with Nev, Nicola and me: Mass Movement Magazine

Written By: Nev Fountain
Directed By: Patric Kearns


John Banks as Mervyn Stone & Nicola Bryant as Vanity Mycroft.

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Fabius Bile

Fabius Bile

Reviews & comments:

The Malazan Empire

Over the course of this 8 book series, the amazing John Banks has had to create and voice 648 distinct characters!

Neil Gardner - producer

Mervyn Stone: The Axeman Cometh

John Banks is a voice genius...

Nev Fountain - writer

Mervyn Stone... played by the note-perfect John Banks.

Matt Hills - Reviews in Time and Space

Dr. Who: The Sleeping City

I also must draw attention to John Banks who is an exceptional voice artist and in this one story performs more characters that I can count. ... it is listening to episodes like this one that really do let his talents shine through.

Tony Jones - Red Rocket Rising


...playing several parts, was the brilliant Big Finish regular John Banks - it was as if there were about 40 different actors in the other booth.

James Moran - writer

I went for the best of the best and brought in voice artiste extraordinaire John Banks.

Paul Spragg - producer


...also features the mind - bogglingly versatile and reliable John Banks

Jonathan Morris - writer

Dead Funny:

The acting is first rate… wonderfully played by John Banks as Richard – his impersonation of Eric Morecambe is worth the admission money alone.

Beverly Greenberg: Bolton Evening News

A Spy Like No Other:

This is the best audio book ever.

The Cult Den

Mr. Happiness:

This early and unfamiliar play by David Mamet is a character study of a 1930s radio counsellor, dispensing suave advice to his devoted listeners. John Banks brings out the wry comedy of this – comedy quite unappreciated by the character – with a clever range of gesture and vocal tone.

Jeremy Kingston: The Times

All My Sons:

This is a beautifully crafted piece ...and it affords a wonderful opportunity for John Readman* to do his All-American Boy act as Chris Keller. This most polished and well observed performance as the blighted son of a blighted father must rank as one of his finest accomplishments yet. ( * see Profile)

The Stage

The Ordeals of Sherlock Holmes

Kudos should also go to John Banks. Lestrade can be a thankless part, but Banks rose to the challenge, playing a pivotal role in this decades long arc.

Raissa Devereux - SciFiPulse

The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes

John Banks is multi-tasking, both as the superb Lestrade and also the villainous and no doubt moustache twirling Sebastian Moran. They sound completely different and I bow to his talent.

Sue Davies - SFcrowsnest

Further reviews and comments are included with specific postings throughout the site.

The War Doctor

The War Doctor
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